Fall 2020 (upcoming) We Love Like Barnacles, Online Everywhere, Sins Invalid Collaboration 

Spring 2020 (upcoming/rescheduled) Cinekink – New York City, USA ‘Call Tony’ video screening

Winter 2020 Queer City Cinema – Montréal, Canada ‘Call Tony’ video screening   

Fall 2019 Toronto Queer Film Festival – Toronto, Canada ‘Spanky’s’ video screening; “The Quiet Rebel” Berlin Porn Film Festival, Berlin, Germany ‘Call Tony’ video screening; “Unruly Bodies” Queer City Cinema, Regina, Canada ‘Call Tony’ video screening

Winter 2019 “Qaleidoscope” Queer Film on Tour – Queer City Cinema, Victoria/Yellowknife/Saskatoon/Edmonton/Thunder Bay, Canada ‘Call Tony’ video screening; “Steamy Films 2” Hush Queer Club – Malmö, Sweden ‘Call Tony’ video screening

Fall 2018 “Decolonizing Sexualities” Toronto Queer Film Festival – Toronto, Canada ‘Call Tony’ video screening

Summer 2018 “Time After Time” In Your Pocket – RT Collective, Toronto, Canada ‘Spanky’s’ video screening; “SMUT Theatre Shorts” Rhinestone Steel Queer Arts Festival – Fair Moans Collective, Pittsburgh, USA ‘Call Tony’ & ‘Spanky’s’ video screening; “Unbound” Nuit Rose & RT Collective – Black Eagle, Toronto, Canada ‘Call Tony’ video screening; “Future Visions” Queer Arts Festival – DECADEnce, Vancouver, Canada ‘tomorrow’ & ‘Mistress Arcana’ online video exhibit; “Now & Then” collaboration with ArQuives & RT Collective – Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada ‘Call Tony’ month long video installation

 Fall 2017 “Future Visions” Venice Biennale – Hyperpavilion, Venice, Italy ‘tomorrow’ & ‘Mistress Arcana’ online video exhibit

Spring 2016 “PleasurePain” Silver Future, Berlin, Germany ‘fluff film’ video screening &   artist panel

Winter 2016 Festival of Canadian Contemporary Media Art” Colectivo Toronto & Club Cultural Matienzo, Buenos Aires ‘fluff film’ video screening/installation; Glitter and Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme Galaxy” JACK theatre, Brooklyn, NY ‘fluff film’ video screening & artist talk

2015 “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted” Videofag, Toronto, ON, cross-stitch on collective textile; Glitter and Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme Galaxy” Publication Studio, Selected photographic works; “In Your Pocket” RT Collective/Buddies In Bad Times, Toronto, ON, ‘Bedroom Artist’ commissioned video screening; Sidewalk Screening” Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, ON ‘fluff film’ video screening/installation; “Trigger Warning” Queer Arts Festival Vancouver, BC ‘At Last’ video screening

2014/2015 “Future Visions” National Queer Arts Festival, San Francisco, USA/Les Htmlles, & Nuit Blanch, Montreal, QC/Cynetart, Dresden, Germany ‘tomorrow’ & ‘Mistress Arcana’ online video

2013 “MIX 26” MIX NYC New York, NY ‘At Last’ & ‘fluff film’ video screening; “Radical Queer Semaine” Montreal, QC ‘fluff film’ & ‘At Last’ video screening

2012 “Profound Fluff” Nuit Blanche (Unofficial), Lapspace Studios, Toronto, ON Technical Support, Co-curator, Performer; “Femme Art Show” Femme Conference 2012, Baltimore, Maryland 3 selected photos

 2011 “Sloppy Seconds” Contact Photography Festival, Come As You Are, Toronto, ON Solo photography exhibition;“Boxes We Like” Nuit Blanche (Unofficial), Lapspace Studios, Toronto, ON Technical Support, Co-curator, performer; “Local Heroes” Inside Out Film Festival, Toronto, ON ‘At Last’ video screening; “Sex Worker’s Cabaret” Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY ‘At Last’ video screening; “Sex Worker Fest” San Francisco, USA ‘At Last’ video screening

Winter 2008 “Come Up To My Room” This Is Collective, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON, Room Installation


 2014 ‘Fluff Film’ Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC)

Documentation work


Spring 2015 (Photography/Videography) “How Many Performance Artists Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb? (For Martha Wilson)” Jess Dobkin Toronto, ON

2014Community Advocates” Senior Pride Network, Toronto, ON

Spring 2014 “HOW Roadshow” Heels on Wheels, Tranzac Club, Toronto, ON

Summer 2013 “Troubling Masculinities” Videofag, Toronto, ON

2013 Performance Artist for Hire”, Toronto International Art Fair, Jess Dobkin, Toronto, Canada

Summer 2012/2010 Femme Conference 2012, Baltimore, Maryland/Oakland, California


Summer 2017 Red Dress Productions, Drift Seeds, Community Arts Performance, Toronto, ON

Summer 2017 Shaunga Tahore, Seasons of Grief and Joy, Dance Performance, Toronto, ON

Spring 2015 Eshan Rafi, Performance Piece, Videofag, Toronto, ON

Summer 2013 Queer from the Heart Burlesque, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON

Volunteer work

Summer 2019 Bricks and Glitter – Two Spirit, Trans, & Queer Community Arts Festival, Toronto, ON

Summer 2019 Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto, ON, Programming Committee

Summer 2018 Bricks and Glitter – Two Spirit, Trans, & Queer Community Arts Festival, Toronto, ON